Thursday, April 4, 2013

when the battle rages, gratitude is still good coping

I've said it before here.  Sometimes all I have left is exactly what He wants of me.

Today - as warfare crashes all around on all sides - I have one method of coping left among all that I've tried - this choice to focus on thanks.  Where is the gift He's giving me now? How can I open my hands to it?  How can I respond in grateful praise?

And the heat of battle literally blows away on the wind of truth.  Like an illusion the opposition vaporizes into nothing. That's just how powerful my God is.

(a European Robin) Photo credit: Wikimedia

It's Thursday and I get to. Share these praises with you. Boast in my clear conscience - not glorifying myself, but rather Him (2 Corinthians 1:12), every chance I can get.  Here in the nest - I brag on my Jesus and thank Him for big and small and everything in between.

- for dozens of note cards full of Your Words - I can't stop writing it down, and if I drown in these stacks and piles it will be a happy death

- this song and these lyrics: "You have overcome the grave, Your glory fills the highest place, there's no greater love than This."

- J initiating his KidsChurch homework and wanting to finish it all without a single prompt from me (who are you and what have you done with my son *chuckle*)

- more Scripture to remind me the value of Simple

- refreshing sunshine

- an opportunity to share big dreams with my Guy

- faith to trust you during the wait, and not to despise the development of what You're doing in me

- happy birds in my trees

- J praising You for good dreams and answered prayers. Thank You for revealing Your goodness to my children

- progress on the new building, and Your big plans to bring souls to You and glorify Yourself there

- for calling me daughter and friend - I'm so humbled

- for K, and the way she loves me and pursues excellence

- new pens

- coconut hand lotion

- Your faithfulness to all your promises - to bless and to discipline (reminder from Francis Chan)

- privilege to pray Your precious Word over people I love and care for with Your passion inside of me

Lord, this gratitude is what I have and You tell me it's what You want. What brings You glory. What You were after from the beginning of my days. The reason You give to me and give to me and give to me - so I'll thank You. To put a smile on Your face. To take this moment for what it is - Your gift to me. Thank You for Your Son. For Your great and inconceivable sacrifice. For Scandalous Grace. I am unworthy, but You make me worthy in His blood. You clothe me in all these gifts and all this righteousness and my coping for unrighteousness again is this - Gratitude.  Thank You. Always, Thank You.

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