Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Hope This Disturbs You ... But That's Not Enough

As promised, I'm writing to you, Cherished Reader - to offer my pulsing heart on a platter in hopes that this love will land in you. By now it's no secret:

Precious people are being bought and sold like a commodity, and if our generation continues to turn apathetic eyes away, human trafficking will destroy us all.

I'm pretty sure you've heard the numbers already, but in case you haven't:

I found this article and video this morning, not by chance I'm convinced, about a navy-man-turned-activist who saw trafficking first-hand in the Philippines (my family origin) and then here in the United States. His video was so compelling that I can't help but share it here. Seriously - please watch it. It will be worth the nine and a half minutes of your life.

"You should feel a little outraged ... and upset about this. And that's great, but that's not good enough."

"We all drive demand. We all tolerate sex everywhere."

"It's really time to stop walking on by."

Are you ready? Here's my open door to you, Dear One - my tears running over, my heart in my hand, my world blurring into a vision of what could be - RESCUE.

I'm absolutely, truly, no-doubt-about-it convinced that God's people need to be about the business of freedom. It is for freedom that we have been set free, through His blood on the Cross. And some may say, "Great - I'm freed to be free." But what if that verse means, "You have been set free to spread this freedom and to make freedom for others?" It is for freedom ... Your freedom? Of course. But even more. Even greater things. Humanity's freedom.

Today I'm asking you to take a step and put your money where your faith is, on behalf of the slave next door and the slave around the world, because real rescue is possible today. 

I'll tell you a secret. Every day I wake up and wonder - will I get a text today? Will my team send me a message like this one: 
FREEDOM! 12 yr-old girl rescued early this morning! Her mom and pimp were selling her virginity for $2000 USD. BRAVO Team rescued her and arrested perpetrators.
And after that wonder, I pray. Oh, please God - I want rescue today.

I'm on a team of abolitionists and rescuers, supporting with others like Bravo Team in India, a group of investigators who work undercover with local authorities to Search and Rescue modern-day slaves, and bring them to restoration homes where they can be offered what we all need: freedom. 

Let's put the Word first, and let the love of Christ compel you, before I tell you how this is going to work.

"Tell them to use their money to do good. They should be rich in good works and generous to those in need, always being ready to share with others. By doing this they will be storing up their treasure as a good foundation for the future so that they may experience true life." - 1 Timothy 6:18-19 (NLT)

I want true life for you. The same life I felt rushing through me when I got my S&R package in the mail from The Exodus Road. The same life I felt exploding in me when I read that a slave was rescued, her virginity kept as a choice for her future and hope. The very same life pulsing when I pray for my investigators to have victory over evil whenever I see my stickers and key-chain and magnets with these words:

So here's my audacious goal, but feel free to blow me away, friends. 

I want 25 by my 35th.  

Twenty-five brave partners by the day I turn 35 next month. It's just a few short weeks away, but I believe in God and His miraculous freedom and love for each one. For you, Sweet One. For her. For humanity. Here's how.

Robyn's Challenge:

  1. Check out how Search and Rescue works, and decide which team you want to be on. Alpha and Delta are in SE Asia, Bravo is in India, and Charlie is here in the US. (Also, if you want to know how TER manages the money we give, check this out.)
  2. Fill out the Donation Form, and use the resources God has blessed you with to fund rescue and freedom with The Exodus Road. For $35 a month (less than the cost of a new pair of jeans), you can hire a team of investigators and be a part of giving freedom to women and children trapped in the clutches of their traffickers. These people bust brothels, pedophiles, and trafficking rings, and bring justice. For Real. Please don't forget! Under the portion where it says "Additional information/Select Operating Project" PLEASE type a bird in the box. This is my code for my project -25 by my 35th.  For real - rescue is what I want for my birthday. Twenty-five of my readers and friends - on board to change the world. Listen - if by next November you aren't addicted to sharing freedom in this way, by all means opt out. I'm asking you to try it for just a year, though. I think it's worth it. For real.
  3. Please don't skip this part! Drop your name in the comments below, and tell me why you decided to be a part of bringing freedom to slaves. I'm going to be drawing a number (1-25 of the first readers who partner with me) out of a hat for a giveaway of Laura Parker's book, The Exodus Road, as well as a hand-made journal and a stack of my greeting cards. This is just an extra incentive and thank-you to my amazing readers who make this nest a place of God's joy. I'll contact you after my birthday to let you know you won, and get your mailing address. 
  4. Like and share this post on Facebook/retweet on Twitter/share with your social network via email, because I'll bet your friends care about slaves too. (There are some handy buttons for you right down there, next to the little pencil.)
"If we are dying of thirst, passively reading books about water quenches little; the only way to quench the parched mouth is to close the book and dip the hand into water and bring it to the lips. If we thirst, we'll have to drink." - Ann Voskamp

Our world is thirsting for freedom. Humanity pants for justice. Let us partake of the Fountain, and then be the vessel that quenches freedom's thirst. 


  1. God bless those poor children suffering in the hands of monsters. May our Lord be with the rescuers, by their side, as they continue their work to free the slaves. Lord save those men and woman with evil in their hearts and sickness in their brains, that they may wake up and realize what a horror they have created. Help them find a way to reverse the hurt and pain they have inflicted on the innocent. May His angels comfort that children who have had their life taken away. Bring those suffering some comfort that help is on the way. Please Lord, hear my prayer which I pray in Jesus's name, Amen

  2. Sorry, some mistakes, mis-words ^^, I'm so angry about what you have posted Robyn. Bless you for bringing this blight to our attention. Pat O.

    1. Thank you for your support, Pat. I pray the same things - rescue, restoration, freedom. Thanks for fighting with me!