Friday, July 11, 2014

Belong {Five Minute Friday}

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Our word prompt this week is Belong.


Transition is a thief of belonging.

As I stand (okay, I'm actually sitting right now, work with me) I don't have a permanent residence and although my family all have beds and a roof right now, I'm sure some might consider us homeless. All of our stuff is sardine-packed into the garage of a place we own but no longer inhabit. We finished a two-week painting project on another house we don't live in yesterday, and return to the home-away-from-home we have here at my in-laws'. We're always welcome here and I'm thankful, but the back of my mind reminds me again that as good as this feels, it's only temporary. We're not settled yet.

(that's my Guy there on the top of the roof; and that's my heart pounding, my soul praying he won't fall there behind the lens)

Looking ahead I know God will plant us again in a new garden, but seeds blowing in the wind must take captive fluttering anxieties every moment if they want to abide intact and have any grain worth pushing down into the soil. Transition breeds unrest, worry, and anxiety faster than rabbits. And I know that I don't want to worry but worry finds me out. I wasn't playing hide and seek with it. Seriously - leave me alone already.

When I wonder where I belong on this earth, there's an answer. I'll always have a place with this guy.

He's the gift I didn't know I needed, but Someone gave him to me 18 years ago, anyway, and it seems so strange that I've known him now longer that I haven't. Who knew that little ignorant girl would find all the belonging her flailing heart needed in him, and that for decades he would calm all of her flutters in the strength of his arms and the clarity of his eyes, the flash of his smile? Her Maker knew, knew how much she would need to belong to someone. 

I still sign notes to him this way: fyg. Forever Your Girl. And when I don't belong anywhere I still belong to him. His love still amazes me. The way he still only has eyes for me. That's rare, you know. Even last night as I drifted off, I was struck by how he still looks at me. Still wants me. Still turns his eyes from other prettier things back to my eyes. Still offers me treasures like strength, time, kisses, devotion, words, balance, dreams, and hands.

I don't know where I'll be sleeping next month, or cooking or working or going to church - those kinds of things offer belonging. But I do know that whatever may come, my hand will be in his. And even though my citizenship is of a different Place, I will always belong with him.

"My steps have held fast to your paths;
    my feet have not slipped." -Psalm 17:5 (ESV)


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  1. What a beautiful post! Your love and devotion for each other is as sweet as it is refreshing, especially in a day and age when, as you said, two people staying together the way you have is rare. Blessings!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I pray God's best blessings for you too. I'm so thankful for these graces I could never deserve. I appreciated the visit to your blog today - keep up the encouraging words. God knows souls need hope, and you are shining it.

  2. Amen Robyn! May Father strengthen you and your hubby! Beautiful post because it's real! I also have a wonderful hubby and yes we in ministry and we live by faith, so every month is a faith living trip because we dont have anything permanent except our King - may we all be strengthened as we live like seedlings in the wind! Many blessings Aliyah (

    1. Blessings to you as well, Aliyah. (What a beautiful name!) I was blessed to visit your blog today, and read your flowing verse. May you and your ministry be blessed with all of God's best. Thank you for reading, and keep walking in faithfulness to His call.

  3. It's nice to know your beautiful words are still flowing, even though you don't live near us anymore :( Your Murrysville family is blessed to be able to stay in contact through your blog. Keep on keeping on! May you and your awesome family in Christ continue to spread the Good Word of the Gospel and bring great news of our Lord Jesus Christ! Pat O.

    1. Thanks, Pat! You bless my life with your kind and encouraging words. Keep holding onto the One who holds you. *hugs*