Saturday, April 6, 2013

a little bird told me ...

I've been thinking about purpose lately.  How do I spend the precious moments I am given doing what I was made to do, and doing that well?  It hasn't been an easy answer. I have a feeling I might keep asking the same question and reevaluating whether or not my purpose is being accomplished for the next ... eh, say 50-60 years. [My great-grandmother lived until she was 96 - I'm thinking I might have a few more years too.]

I believe in this verse:

"Take delight in the Lordand He will give you your heart’s desires." -Psalm 37:4 (NLT)

And the give in that verse - I believe happens two-fold.  When I choose to be delighted in God, reaching for Him with open hands more than I reach for anything or anyone else, He will both plant divine desires in my heart and make them come to pass. It's a win-win.  Do you see?

What He has planted in my heart is this purpose for my life:
To reveal the extravagant love of Christ to others by offering them the love that I have been given.

My name means "shining with fame."  There is a part of me that despises it, though.  Because I don't do well with fame.  I'm a closet introvert, if I'm honest. I don't do well with criticism, and everyone remotely famous has plenty of critics. And I can't stand it when I get the credit God deserves.  It makes me want to run into the corner and scream "Don't look at me!"  Recently, the Father has refined me, however, and I'm embracing my identity and purpose with fresh courage, determined to shine His fame. If I am continually deliberate, He will fulfill the seed He planted in my heart, and also give me the desire and bring it to pass.  This desire to reveal His love to others.  To you, precious reader.

I want to open a new column here in the nest - and I'm calling it "a little bird told me."

In these posts, I'd like to field a question from you. If you send me your questions, I will answer with His love and truth, and straight from His Word. You can email it to me, and sign it like a "Dear Abby" signature. I vow to keep your name out of the post, even if I see it in your email address. Here's an example:

Dear Robyn -
Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to accomplish God's purpose for me.  Sometimes He seems so far away and I get confused about what I should be doing with my life.  Friends tell me one thing, my parents and family members tell me another, and my heart says something totally different. How can I tell what He wants?
-Floundering in Confusion
And then I'll answer with a post here under the label a little bird told me.  I promise to shine His love through my words, and offer His Word and wisdom in my answer.

Sound good?

So - how about it? Will you flood my inbox?  Send me an email today with your question - about life, God, the Bible ... anything. (Okay, that last one was slightly scary, but I'm believing Him for answers, so I'll be alright.)  Of course I reserve the right to answer you in a private email as opposed to here in the nest if for any reason God guides me to do that.   

So, right now, before you forget - won't you write me? [Please insert "a little bird told me" in the subject line so I can flag it.]

I can't wait to hear from you ...


  1. I have a question! I have heard pastors say that, when facing a decision, you will know the answer based on the peace that you have. As in, God will give you peace about the right answer. The other options won't feel "peaceful" but the correct one will.

    I've also heard pastors say that sometimes we have to "do it afraid." As in, if God is urging us to do something, we might have to do it while still somewhat afraid. This confuses me.

    I know we are not to operate in a spirit of fear. We can feel some fear, but still step out in faith, casting that fear down and moving forward anyways.

    So these statements seem contradictory to me. Am I waiting for peace, or am I doing it afraid?

    And can I be peaceful, but still have some fear? Is that the part I'm missing? That a person could have peace from God, but still feel a little scared? It doesn't seem like one could be both.

    This has been bugging me for a while. Thanks for opening your blog for questions.

  2. Dear Stuck Between Afraid and a Peace Place -

    Thank you so much for your questions! I can honestly say you're not the only one wondering. My wheels are already spinning with verses and answers from my own experiences. I'm going to be answering these letters on Saturdays, so expect my response, as well as the other responses and letters I receive via email next week here in the nest.

    Once again, thank you so much for your courage to ask!

    In His Hand,


  3. Thanks! I am looking forward to reading it, too. I know several Bible verses that apply, certainly, but for some reason, I am missing the personal answer I am seeking!!