Tuesday, April 30, 2013

human trafficking, and when I become just like the devil

Well, you know my Tuesday drill.  For those of you who are new here to the nest, I'll explain the Tuesday drill briefly.

1. We fight. I help us become aware of the injustices all around us, and we choose to stand up, in full armor rather than plunging our heads into the sand.

2. We pray, and hopefully choose to include a form of fasting each Tuesday in order to stir our desire for more of Him by stirring our hunger as a physical reminder.

3. We decide to be a part of the solution. Here and there.  If you want, you can stop reading now, and simply DO. I promise - I'll not even be a stitch offended.

photo credit: Mary Ann Fiebert

So, I'm in the car, driving the kids to school this morning, praying and listening and planning and writing in my head. Seriously, I have no idea how my brain works so fast. It's gotta be my coffee! And as I was listening to my stomach growl and wondering why I was so hungry, I remembered again after about a half-hour of going this fast, "Oh yes! I'm hungry on purpose. Back to prayer." I'll eat later on today. For now, intercession on behalf of the girl who's being raped this very moment for money is more important.

So once again, my prayer goes back to "Why? ... Why this horror? Why so many? Why do they sell sex, and why do people buy it? Jesus, if I knew why, I feel like I could fight better, pray better, do more, give more. Why, Oh God, why does human trafficking exist?"

I've heard His answer before, so it shouldn't surprise me, but it does.


He gives us choice and will, but the bottom line is - power is reserved for God alone.  In attempts to be God, usurp God, play God, replace God, imitate God ... we all have stolen power.  It was Satan's first sin, and it was also humanity's. And it continues to ravage us, even as we ravage one another.

I almost can't drive when I realize it. I am just like that nasty snake. I steal The Father's power too.  When I hold contempt, refuse to surrender, strive for my own way, rebel against those who watch over me.

Add repentance to my intercession, and I think He's got me right where He wants me again. On my knees. At His feet. Leaning on Him. Begging Him to let me do His will. And to give me the strength to persevere in it.

Today is Tuesday.  As we look and pray and fight, let's not forget Why we have to do this in the first place. Because all power is and should be His.

Now check out this new site from my friends over at Exodus Road, and remember -
"May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right." -Peter Marshall

"Most of us assume that after a victim is rescued from modern day slavery, freedom is guaranteed.  Statistically speaking, this is not the case. After trial and release, victims still lack education, finances, or family support– the necessities which led to their vulnerability in the first place. Sadly, many victims are cycled back in to slavery."

This is the kind of fasting I have chosen:
    Loosen the chains of wickedness,
        untie the straps of the yoke,
            let the oppressed go free,
                and break every yoke.

 Share your food with the hungry,
    take the poor and homeless into your house,
        and cover them with clothes when you see them naked.
            Don’t refuse to help your relatives.
 Then your light will break through like the dawn,
    and you will heal quickly.
    Your righteousness will go ahead of you,
    and the glory of the Lord will guard you from behind.
 Then you will call, and the Lord will answer.
    You will cry for help, and he will say, “Here I am!”                                                                  -Isaiah 58:5-9 (GWT) 

Oh God, today as we seek Your sovereignty alone on this enormous mess of a globe where we've all stolen Your power from You, would You please show us Your glory?  Display Your goodness, Your redemption, Your strength over our lives and hearts as we surrender. God - rescue is needed and restoration is crucial. It's what I plead for as I'm here, on my knees, humbled in Your presence. Would You please do what only You can, and would You do it through us, Your willing vessels. Help my friends at Exodus Road, and many other organizations who are fighting for the freedom of these innocent women and children, whose only fault is that they don't have the strength to escape their precious vulnerability. This vulnerability is beautiful to You, Jesus, but it has been exploited by those who have stolen Your power. Would You please right this wrong, Lord? Would You please bring justice? And would You please send me?

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