Thursday, June 14, 2012

things God gets credit for...

I think about heaven quite a bit.  Wonder about what it will be like for eternity keeps me seeking His Word for more answers, and then leads only to more wonder.  Similar to the way the Apostles' boldness led them to ask for even more boldness (Acts 4).

When I see God working around me and in me and through me, I'm filled with awe at His great love.  I ask and wonder how He can love me so individually and care for all of humanity at the same time and in the same capacity.  Wonder leads to awe and awe points back to wonder, all of it is building a great pile of love in my soul.  I ponder what to do with that huge pile mounding over in me.

I'd really like to give it back to Him and I ask Jesus, how?

Don't you love the way He answers?

"Amen! (So be it!) they cried. Blessing and glory and majesty and splendor and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and might [be ascribed] to our God to the ages and ages (forever and ever, throughout the eternities of the eternities)! Amen! (So be it!)" - Revelation 7:12 (Amp)

This verse at the bottom of my prayer journal yesterday was such an amazing, page-leaping Word that jumped into my heart and stirred up a response of praise.  Not coincidentally, the song pouring from my playlist and my lips at the same time I read it was anointed.  When in heaven for eternity, this is what we'll get to do - give it all back sufficiently.  Everything He's poured into us, every miracle, blessing, measure of love and grace - we'll be able to love Him back.  With our forever.

And of course we can start now.  We can give God credit and ascribe praise to this Amazing Yahweh for each and every blessing (Father, you've given me so many, and for them I praise you), all glory (which You alone have always before held and will always contain, an especially divine quality, the unspoken manifestation of God)highest ever majesty (Jesus, you are the King above any king, and my allegiance is only Yours), beautiful splendor (Spirit you captivate my every sense), grandest-scope wisdom (what You know spans every depth and highest space, draws my curiosity to seek more of You), and thanks (oh, Lord may I never leave my thankful heart unspoken, undeclared), magnified honor (Your worth and value are immeasurable, and Jesus -You are the precious price, paid for my soul), strongest power (without which I am incapable, but You, Spirit choose to work through my weakness for Your purpose), and might (because it won't be enough to declare it once, we must again sing that You are powerfully strong).

I try pray this aloud each time I speak in front of people: LORD, you get every ounce of credit for everything.  I don't want any of that. And let it be so again today.  He alone is worthy.  Look to Him and fall in worship.  Practice today what you will do forever.

Respond to His great Love.   

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