Sunday, June 10, 2012


A dear friend has been teaching me about the meaning of this word, showed me a prayer exercise on paper of how to take the distractions of your life out of the way of your relationship with God, and I use it more and more.  Because the distractions come so fast, so unannounced, so violently to steal my peace.  And I get angry at the distractions sometimes when my anger should be directed at the one who plants the worry and angst, and what causes me to sin is often disguised as "good intentions."  And I'm tired of good intentions with bad results.  I want God results or none at all.  Want Him to be the author and finisher of all I do.  Want to walk by the Spirit and keep in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5).

This week my husband shared the pulpit with me.  Incredible, humbling opportunity.  I take it seriously, just as I take everything seriously, and sometimes I take myself too seriously, but I don't take His truth seriously enough.  Don't walk in what I know.  On Friday I was preparing my part of the message, writing and editing through the words and it struck me that the words would come out wrong if my heart was not right, and as Isaiah, I cried out to God, "Woe is me, I am one of unclean lips [and hands, and heart, and mind too]."

I argued with my Father once again.  I can't do this, Lord. Of course you can, I'll give you the strength. I'm messed up. I need a coal to cleanse these lips, God. Alright, then consecrate yourself with worship. Just me, Father?  Yes.  I'll prepare you at the altar. But, God... he's busy on Sunday mornings. Who am I? Once again, child, you are who I say you are.  

My worship pastor led me in a song he picked with direction from the Spirit.  He sang it over me, and he sang it with me, and we sang together a song of consecration.  My husband prayed over me and read me truth from the Psalms. I was cleansed with worship and washed by the Word.

Consecration means to set apart, to sanctify, to wholly dedicate.  With His holy strength and cleansing Blood, He set my voice apart from sin, and sanctified me with music like a burning hot coal.  Touched my lips with it and made me new.  Made me wholly dedicated and dedicated me to be holy before Him.  Consecration at His altar.  I blush because to even write it seems like kissing and telling, it was that sweet.

"Everything God made is good.  We should not put anything aside if we can take it and thank God for it.  It is made holy by the Word of God and by prayer." - 1 Timothy 4:4-5

And what response from my heart?

Thank you.  I want more, Father.

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