Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simple Obedience

What if we just did what we already know?

Most of my obedience issues, my surrender problems, my control grasping - they come from a lack of follow-through as opposed to a lack of knowledge. Too much analyzing, too many questions, too little of (if I may borrow from Nike) just do it.

Don't get me wrong - I need a constant inflow of knowledge, analysis, and even my questions aren't wrong. But if I'm honest, most of the time I already know what to do, and I often need to stop asking why and what it means and what will happen ... and just Simply obey.

Your testimonies are very sure; holiness [apparent in separation from sin, with simple trust and hearty obedience] is becoming to Your house, O Lord, forever. -Psalm 93:5 (Amp)

photo credit: Sijanto Sijanto 

I love that. Robyn's version of it might say, "You tell the truth, Jesus. So I can trust and obey you, which will beautify Your dwelling indefinitely, and make You feel at home here in me, Your Temple."

Yeah. Today I just want to simply do what I already know, and do it well, knowing I'll put a smile on His face.

Even better - I don't even have to do it alone - He'll give me the unction and know-how too. Look - 

"By His divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a godly life." - 2 Peter 1:3a

Not just some of what I need. Not even most of what I need. EVERYTHING I NEED TO SIMPLY OBEY, THROUGH HIS POWER ALONE.

Oh yes - I can do this, even when the devil says I can't. He never tells anything but lies and I'm sick of falling for them anyway.

Guess what, Dear One - you can simply obey too!

Here's a challenge for this week:

1. look up your favorite translation of these two verses - Psalm 93:5 and 2 Peter 1:3, and write them out where you'll see them often.
2. pray about what you already know you should be doing and then ask God to give you the power to just do it.
3. leave me a comment below so that I can pray for you and (gently) hold you accountable. 
4. make an effort to share with someone you know and trust what your simple obedience is going to be, and then make a note to proclaim God's goodness in you when His power through you allows you to succeed. (Because I trust in Him that you will)

Lord - thank You for the gift of knowing how to glorify and please You with a godly life, and thank You also for the power to follow through and do it. It's like you've made it easy on us, though to our flesh and to the world obedience seems complicated. You are so worthy of our obedience, and we long to bring a smile to Your face.

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