Thursday, May 2, 2013

if anyone could win my heart ...

it would be Him.

When a heart has been won by a Lover like this, every day can be the honeymoon.  Full of extravagant gifts like these, how could I not be swept of my feet?

- the privilege to pray for C and D via this post - and to see Your power in heaven and all over this earth

- funny stories from the students during homeroom with Miss N

- sunshine and breezes, and all these fresh-life signs of spring; the new green leaves all over the trees, the color of lime jello

- time to watch this video and this song, and for the way her life glorifies You

- a pretty diagonal braid across T's head and over her shoulder

- a fresh awakening to repentance, and reminder that only by Your power and goodness will I be able to walk in the kind of submission that You desire (Romans 7)

- for S and A and R who rescued my phone and library book

- "[Friendship] has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival." -C.S. Lewis in The Four Loves

- waking up to bird songs and the sunrise

- a beautiful full peach moon 

- "If you will remain true to God, God will lead you directly through every barrier and right into the inner chamber of the knowledge of Himself. But you must always be willing to come to the point of giving up your own convictions and personal beliefs." -Oswald Chambers

- the opportunities You give me to point to Your glory

- K laughing on the bus with her friends

- my Guy home safe from Colorado, and watching TV on the couch with him

- a silly squirrel bounding from the top branches all the way down each branch to the ground

- for the way You work for my good - which is further intimacy and one-ness with You, and for aligning my desires and efforts and prayers to be the same (Romans 8:28 and Psalm 37:4)

- for being all the reward I desire, seek, or need. I'm so delighted in Your presence and the prize of eternal life with You (Jeremiah 45:5)

- Pooja - our new sponsored child in India! So thankful for her sweet smile!

- Chinese food lunch with Pastor DC,  and his encouragement for us to persevere in the simplicity You give

- little A in my house and her tiny voice chatting as I work as she snacks on yogurt and crackers

- the volunteer tea at school, and a treat of afternoon coffee for J and me

- Your Son and the privilege to know Him, see Him in the words of my Bible, and the joy of being Yours

- the privilege to pray for the rescue of girls trapped in slavery

- this photo and all it represents: freedom for over 100 previously trafficked slaves, 30 of whom are younger than 18. And for the brave men and women who fought and prayed to make it possible.

- for being my Father, Brother, Husband, Lover, Guide, Protector, Teacher, Best Friend - my Everything I could ever want or need. You alone complete me

Lord, I'm a hopeless romantic in Your arms. Thank You over and over - a thousand and ten thousand times - for these gifts of love. My hands are open and my heart is Yours. My gratitude is what I have to give back to You, and You've said this praise is what You desire. Along with it I offer my obedience guided and empowered by Your Spirit. Would You make my life a pleasing love offering to You, and would You guide my heart ever closer to Yours. Oh God, I'm so thankful.

{Dear One new to this nest - if you haven't heard, I count my blessings/gifts with you on Thursdays here on the blog. If you've never known the life-changing joy of gratitude, I encourage you to try it too. You can start now, and start with #1 - I did! Count all the ways God loves you with the big, small, and even ugly-beautiful gifts. For more help and encouragement along the same lines of thankful communion with the Savior, check out this too. I love you so much, I write. -R }

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