Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful {how to be every day}

I never want to allow gratitude to morph into a trendy slogan.

Thanksgiving is a popular thing to do on the fourth Thursday in November. I see people choosing gratitude daily in November.

I love the praise going up to God as we look for His gifts and turn to His face with gratitude on our lips and in our hearts. We enter His courts, bask in His presence, and are changed in His love.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays; I JUST love it. The joy of praising God for His goodness in faith and not doubt fills the room and permeates my being along with the fragrance of rich feasting food. I want to bottle up that spirit and save it for a cold, snowy day in February, when the gloomy clouds bear down and permeate my soul with frigid gusts.

Turns out - I can.

Not in a jar, but in a journal.

When we write down the blessings, gifts, goodness all around - we capture the warmth of joy in thankfulness nets. When I count His love on paper I can seal it as if it were in stone. And it's mine.

Thank you, precious reader for the privilege of sharing a few of my gifts and praising God in the nest here, today on this Thankful Thursday. Please feel free to slip a few of your own praises in the comments box below, and let us glorify His goodness together with our thanks.

- for rescuing 56 slaves yesterday, and helping the raid to be so successful, even though it had been previously tipped off. Thank You, Jesus for freedom, and freedom shared.

- a class full of young writers, enjoying the process of creation with words

- fresh, clean laundry

- time to browse at the library

- meditation that sustains through a fast better than bread

- sharing victory with L over the phone, and her prophetic word of healing for our group

- Mr. S letting me teach a grammar lesson

- money to put into the bank

- bright pink clouds of a sunrise, stretching so very far along the expanse

- a conversation with my son about Your plan for his life - and goodness that follows obedience

- chatting and laughing with K after school

- honeycrisp apple

- a warm wool sweater on a windy day

- Isaiah 1 - your grace to rescue, cleanse, and bless Your people

- sweet kisses from children

- Your anointing over prayer, like a mist of hope, drifting into the room where we call on Your Name

- this song, her voice, Your astounding Grace

Lord, thank You. I am overwhelmed.

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