Tuesday, June 25, 2013

But what could just one broken person do?

Tragedy breaks us all. Breaks our hearts and our wills and even our minds. From crime to accidents to natural disasters, this world is full of trouble and sorrow. We can't escape it. Believe me - I've tried.

It's easy to wonder what one person can do to fight the tide.

When it comes to human trafficking, 27 million slaves is a daunting task and some people wonder, "Why try?"

"Reality has left you reeling
All fact and no feeling
No faith and all fear
Who's at fault is not important
Good intentions lie dormant
and we're all to blame

While apathy acts like an ally
my Enemy and I are one and the same"
-  Brooke Fraser (Flags)

And it truly is a picture of starfish on the sand. We make a difference to one, and it's a difference that counts - a difference that would not have been made if we'd just walked the other way.

So today I'd like to encourage my reader-ship to keep going. Keep fighting. Even in the tide.

“We are too young to realize that certain things are impossible... So we will do them anyway.” 
― William Wilberforce (abolitionist)

Here are some ways that you can do SOMETHING to fight Human Trafficking. And even though it may not seem like much, to do or even attempt them will squelch apathy, and will be more than if you had merely walked away instead. And if we can all do SOMETHING, through Christ - we will accomplish even the impossible that we're too young to believe is so.

1. Learn the facts: knowing the statistics may discourage you at first, but you'll be able to communicate better if you have a better handle on what is actually happening. Is it hard to look at? Yes. Is it worth that pain to your eyes and soul? Of course. Here are a few websites I frequent in order to stay current on my information:
2. Connect with other people who want to fight human trafficking too. Here are a few organizations who have helped me get involved in the fight. It's good to be on the right team.

3.  Host an event or speaker. Many organizations (including several of the above) will provide a speaker/educator for your event or service. You can turn this into a fundraiser, or even as a community-wide awareness opportunity to stop slavery where you live. Check out these:

4. Donate. All of the organizations on the ground who are investigating, rescuing, and restoring lives need funding. God may not call you to do any of this on your own (though He could), but He most likely would want you to give generously of what you have planned (see 2 Corinthians 9:6-9) for the sake of these needy souls. See above, choose ... and then empty those pockets for Jesus! You won't be sorry, for it is so much better to give than to receive. 

5. Buy Fair-Trade products. These are often made by women and families who are either at-risk or have been rescued from slave labor. It is both a prevention and a redemption measure of fighting slavery. Here are a few I absolutely LOVE:

6. Respond.  "...about one in three of those rescued from human trafficking in America took place because an ordinary person saw something and acted. In some cases, it was noticing someone who had lived in a place of employment and could not leave. At other times, actions have been more direct, involving assistance  to a person fleeing for help and providing a route of escape." If you see something suspicious - don't assume everything is okay. Carefully probe and if you have suspicion, you can always call the hotline at 888-3737-8888.

7. Pray.  I'm convinced this is where we must all start and finish. If we ask, God will help us to know our part. He will guide us into the knowledge that will balance our zeal. He will open our eyes to the need and break our hearts for what breaks His. He will strengthen us for the fight and sustain us for the long, uphill battle it will take to keep interceding and volunteering and helping. Prayer is what will start and finish it all. Without it we will not even try. But with prayer, with God - WE CAN do the impossible. Consider praying at every Red Light, or setting reminders on your phone to pray on certain days or even try a fast for the sake of those who hunger for freedom. These are excellent sources of Prayer opportunities that I've found.

So, what can one broken person do?

More than you would think!

Oh Jesus - we can do anything You call us to, in Your strength. You are enough. When we are broken, I pray that You will remind us that it was in Your brokenness that You accomplished Your greatest victory - our Salvation. Precious Spirit, would You show us today what we can do to fight for these dear souls in bondage. Guide us to free them. Please give us the privilege of restoring them with Your hope and gentle touch. Through our hands, our feet, our lips. May Your justice come swiftly. May Your freedom come and abolish this evil. In our generation. In Christ's precious Name. Amen

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