Friday, November 2, 2012

a prompt just right

Fridays are for writing, so let's get to it!

Instead of looking at a blank page or screen (way too intimidating), copy and paste the prompt and begin with the first things that come into your mind.  Freewriting is unedited and unpolished ... and isn't the beauty of it?  So if the first thing that comes into your mind is

This is scary I don't know how to write about this but I'm brave enough to try and who knows maybe something will come of it if I just give it a shot so here I go hurricanes are scary and destructive and I hate them this week...

then write all of that and keep going.  Oh how I love the delete button and the red pencil.  They are beloved friends, aren't they?

So freewrite for several minutes (at least 15) about the following:

The hurricane blew in the ___________ with the wind, and then ...

Feel free to share it here or email it to me!

Happy writing, everyone.


  1. The hurricane blew in the ___________ with the wind, and then...

    The hurricane blew in the grace with the wind, and then left me drowning in redemption. I had ran from the storms brewing in my life, the dark things that would drag me into them, sucking the life out of me. I thought it was too hard to handle. I wouldn't make it out alive if I were to bare myself. however, I didn't know. I didn't understand! How could I know that I had been carrying that girl on my back for all these years. the girl who was heavy with sadness, ravaged from anger, and torn to peaces with hope. she was heavy. a heavy burden to carry. Had could I know that facing the storm, going through the hail could free me from her? could lessen my burden. I didn't understand that those rain was like emotions that washed me over, tore me down. i didn't understand that the hail would beat on my skin, and on my soul, pouring out years of hatred, and bitterness. That the wind would blow in things from distant places that I had locked in a box in the back of my mind. It would shatter those locks I had kept so tightly wound. It would open up the memories I didn't want to think about. I would confront the moments that robbed me of innocense, the people that had harmed my fragile psyche, the memories that would come when I would see something, hear something that would draw it back. I would confront all of those things and more, and I would be able to finally see myself as the adult that was redeemed. the adult that was so lost in His love that I didnt' need to find myself. I wasn't the little girl that could be hardmed. I had a purpose and it was ordained by God. How was I to know that when I endured the season of the storm, and faced down all the opposition, that the most beautiful day light would come and I would dance in His light. I would be freed from the girl. I could aly her to rest. I could appreciate the memory of who she was, the feelings she felt, the memories she had. I could share them to encourage others, to give others hope, oeace and a purpose. but that I didn't actually bear the burden of carrying her around. She had found her voice, she had overcome and now she was free. And so was I. I am free to dance. free to sing. free to be who he wants me to be. I no longer have to carry hardships that others have given to me.

    that's the great thing. they aren't mine to carry. and you can't make me. i am giving them back to you. I am laying them at your feet. you can carry them if you wish. you can carry them on your back and be drudged down, or you can carry them to the cross and anil them there. this hope I have isn't just for me. its free. its yours. take it. use it. but dont abuse it. dont think that this gives you permission to walk around and do or say the things that you want. it is a gift. and it must be treated that way. when you come across someone in your past that has added to the baggage on your back, offer them this. free yourself.

    and it isn't just because its for you, and it will make you feel better. its' because God has forgiven YOU. It's because you are no better of a person, a wormwood of a man, who is far from perfect, but can be perfectly redeemed. TI's because you owe it to others to give the same grace and the same forgiveness that God has offered you. So, yes, you will feel better. But it's not just for you. and it shouldn't be marketed that way. It's too free others as well. So dont be selfish.

    and let me say this, forgiveness isn't forgetting. you have a story. share it. shout it from the rooftops. forgiveness doesn't mean that you have to forge a friendship with a person. God calls us to love people, but not with the worldly love. with patience and kindness and goodness and self control. but that doesn't mean we have to make it out mission in life to be friends with everyone that we have forgiven. everything is a seaosn and we have to live it that way...

  2. (continued)
    and if you are shouting from the rooftops your story, and your testimony, and someone comes along and jsudges you for that, then let them judge. they will stand before god for that. they will answer for that. if you are persecuted for His name sake, then count it as righteousness.

    now I'm not sugegesting to go and to cast your pearls before swine. the deepest parts of you that can hurt you deeply. There is balance. everything in balance. there is a season and a time and a place and a SOMEONE. god calls some to be open and vulnerable but that doesn't mean that he has called everyone to the same thing. let the spirit guide you.

    and when thehurrican rolls in and you find yourself lost in the flood, lost in the river of sadness, and the depths of despoair, know that it is a season as well. and when the day light, this extravegant day light, comes in the morning it will feed you with dew from heaven and fill you in a way you have never been fed. satisfied. free.

    and when the memories come back up and tell you that you aren't free, remind them that you are the daughter of the MOST HIGH KING. Redeemed, Holy, and seen through HIS eyes, not the eyes of the world.

  3. So beautiful, Jaime. My favorite part is
    "the adult that was so lost in His love that I didn't need to find myself."
    He finds us. Even in hurricanes. I can't even tell you how comforting that is to think about today.

  4. I'm glad that it touched you. it was things that have been weighing on my mind today. things that I need to think on. so it was nice to have the time to sit and write it out in front of me, make it more concrete.