Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Minute Friday {change}

Good Afternoon, my Lovelies!

We made it together to the end of another work week, and now it's time for some writing before we start the week-end fun!

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This week's prompt is CHANGE. No editing. Just writing. Five minutes.


People change, days change, routines change. Lives change.

Soft baby skin becomes rough and wrinkled by years and tears and sunshine. My skin has changed in recent years, to my chagrin.

Funny how the measure of change is always a source of my complaining. I'm sure He wonders if I'll ever be content. "I need something different - I'm so bored with this same old life!" has become, "Oh, please, just let me settle down for a minute. Too much change, too much adventure, too much unknown!"

Really, Robyn? Get a grip.

But grips don't come if I keep these hands clenched around a facade of control. Hands have to open, change must come, adaptation will happen.

Change is the power verb in the serenity prayer, and I suppose I agree that some things can change and others cannot. I don't always get to decide.

Which is fine, because I'm no good at being sovereign, anyway.

Change me, Lord as I crave or reject the change that ebbs and flows all around. Make me more like Your Son. That kind of change is what I'm really after. Whatever it takes, however long. You're worth it. You are Worthy. 


Happy writing, Friends. And Happy Friday #fmfparty!!

photo credit: Nigel Wedge via flickr Creative Commons

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