Friday, February 21, 2014

Small {Five Minute Fridays}

Good Morning!
I'm linking up and writing with Lisa Jo today. Please jump on in if you like. Fridays are a good day for writing, so let's get to it! We have five minutes to write about the word of the week.



I pray funny prayers sometimes. And after they come out of my mouth, they sound so strange, just hanging there, floating into His ears. And as funny as this one sounded the first time I prayed it, I have found it repetitive on my lips.

Lord, You are God over huge things like stars and small things like atoms. You can take care of me.

It's ironic how He does that. Take charge of minute details when I let Him. Minuscule worries racing toward anxiety of massive proportions when I don't. 

Telescopes and stars declare His glory. Microscopes are windows to His wonders too. 

When cells are sick and chromosomes make humans and mitochondria hold secrets to mountainous ramifications, how can we not choose to worship the One who designed a universe and built it so vast on the blocks of protons and neutrons and electrons? Because that seems tough. I can build a tower like this:

But it takes some serious creativity and talent to build this:

And yet He does things like this with just a breath:

 One Day I'll see His face, touch His hand. This, the One who has done these wonders.


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  1. What a beautiful reminder that God is in control--over the enormous and the minute. You are so right about his ability to take care of us. Cheering you on from the Five Minute Friday sidelines!

  2. Thanks for drawing my eyes to His wonder, Robyn!!!