Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When you buy the lie ...

... what you've purchased fills your hands.  Like Eve, clutching dripping, sweet fruit with all ten fingers.  And what could God give her that way?

Today I cry tears of broken anger and sometimes that's all I have.  But tears are powerful prayers.  And prayer is powerful fighting.  So, once again - all I have left ... is all He wants.

Some Tuesdays I ask you to give.  Some I ask you to open your eyes.  Some days I ask you to go.

Today I'm asking you to pray.  With me.  Stand in prayer as three.  Because He's here too.

"A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken." -Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT)

Prayer is my only weapon today. I'm glad it's the only one I need.

What are we praying? Let's tackle this together.

Satan's biggest lie: You Can't
  • do anything different with your life
  • choose
  • find worth
  • escape your chains
  • hold hope
  • be rescued or restored
  • have another identity than the one given in pain
  • be loved
And he sells this lie.  His price: varies and is ever-increasing, until you own nothing, not even your own soul.  It might seem a trifle at first, and what you buy might even be fun and seem worth it.

But Jesus offers something else.  He stands in a safe, Self-drawn circle and invites you to enter. What He sells is Truth:  YOU CAN
  • take victory
  • have freedom
  • receive healing
  • find an identity for which you were created
  • hold hope
  • keep restoration
  • know true love
The cost: Already Paid.  His Blood. He holds His good wares out and offers them for free.

And what do we do?

Buy the lie. *scream*

"They exchange the truth about God for a lie; they worship and serve what God has created instead of the Creator himself..." -Romans 1:25 (GNT)

And our hands become so full of it, we can't even see over our chains to Jesus's offer.

This was my vision this morning.  The one that made me cry these powerful-prayer-tears.  Jesus offering His blood.  And us - choosing sin instead.  It's been me. I've broken His heart too.  It's been the guy addicted to p**nography, and the girl who chose to be in the video too.  

But not everyone has made the choice to reject Him.  Because they haven't even been given a choice.  Girls and boys, before they could discover His love have been stolen and sold.  They are helpless and hopeless and they are the victims, and they matter just as much as my own daughter and son.

This is why I fight. To free them long enough to offer them that choice.

Tuesdays we fight, and today it's all about prayer-war.  I'm girded up with my Armor, are you?  Here a weapon for you, powerful against every lie:

"I was chosen and sent to help the faith of God's chosen people and to lead them to the truth taught by our religion, which is based on the hope for eternal life. God, who does not lie, promised us this life before the beginning of time, and at the right time he revealed it in his message. This was entrusted to me, and  I proclaim it by order of God our Savior." -Titus 1:1-3 (GNT)

[partial re-post. I'm working on many projects today, including but not limited to anti-trafficking prayer and intercession. The above was first posted earlier this year, however the prayer below is from today. I'm so thankful truth and prayer don't expire]

Please answer us, Father whom we worship.
Agents of evil have risen to power over innocent boys, girls, and women.
They lie, steal, and rape, abusing without ration or cause.
Around their victim they carouse, spitting hatred and curses.
They even return violence for her affections and attempts at love.
Oh, Jesus, would You bring an agent of Justice to stand against these offenders and oppressors? 
Please remove this injustice and replace it with Your will of justice.
In Your holy courtroom, please convict these criminals with Your mighty Hand.
Please cut short their days of terror and rule over entire demographic groups.
Pay them back for the evil they have done against precious innocents. 
Introduce them to pain so they will cry out for Your mercy.
Give them a taste of their own horrific medicine and bring them to their knees in repentance.
Stop them in their evil tracks and end the evil influence before they pass it on to the next generation of terror-agents.
May their atrocities not be remembered in the minds of their victims, but bring Your ministry of Redemption to the minds of these precious souls.
Because of their lack of kindness or mercy, would you blot out the legacy of evil from their inheritance.
But You, Oh God - please deal with the victim - the sister, brother, friend - according to Your love and healing mercy.
Because You are good, would you work good on their behalf, oh Father, we beg.
They are poor and needy, they are struck with pain that will only be touched by Your Hand.
They have been shunned like shadows, brushed aside like roaches, and their knees are buckling, Lord.
Their bodies are starved, and their hearts too. Objects to be scorned, not souls to be treasured. 
This is how they have been treated, but it is not who they are.
People shake their heads in disgust - but You, oh God, You bend your neck to hear.
Please bring Your help, guidance, and wholeness to her, to him. 
Let everyone know it is You who restore, You who redeem.
Your hand that gives love.
Though oppressors will be put to shame, would you raise her up, Oh God.
Fill us with gladness for Your Name's sake, Jesus. Because You are so very very good.
With my mouth I will choose to faithfully thank you. I will praise You even through the worst all around.
Because You hold the hand of the needy one, and you save her from condemnation and shame.
You redeem her soul, his soul even to eternal life.
Oh, God You are worthy.

[Intercession adapted from Psalm 109]

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